LIA LAW INDEPENDENT ADVISORS SL provides legal dispute analysis and litigation support for individuals and companies in numerous legal areas. We are resolutely dedicated to giving our clients the best opportunity of achieving a positive result no matter what legal circumstances they are confronted with. From the moment the case is reviewed, a specialised lawyer in the specific field is assigned. As a result of our collaborative work method with many different independent lawyers, our firm can count on the highest level of know-how and proven expertise in many different legal fields.

The first step is always to assess if progressing to trial is the best pathway to achieving the most favourable outcome for the client. Once this has been agreed, the case that has been commissioned will be strategically and diligently developed and the appropriate “team of lawyers” will be assigned to actively participate in achieving the sought-after/specific requirements.

Our firm especially commits to the client’s personal service and attention with the belief that fully and personally serving the needs and goals of every client to the best of our ability is the basis of our success and their satisfaction. We keenly work to make sure that every client’s experience is as comfortable and transparent as possible, and provide special attention to the protection of  their privacy as many of the legal matters are delicate and may be considerably impactful – positively or negatively – on their life, family and livelihood. We will protect their interests and help to find the strategy that works best for them.

Our lawyers are experts in handling civil litigation matters, ranging from lawsuits in case of breach and termination of contracts, property damages, debt recovery, inheritance issues, domestic relations, family law disputes and many other different matters covered by Civil Law.  Within the Criminal and Commercial law fields, we provide legal assistance in cases of cross-border enforcement of drink-driving and other motor offences, theft, bankruptcy procedures, licensing agreements, contract disputes and tax, amongst others. Furthermore, the firm has a broad experience in handling an extensive and diverse portfolio of building companies’ bankruptcy processes.